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  Quotation I bought a FTA system from Satellite Express. I purchased a Viewsat Ultra Satellite receiver and a 36' dish. I had trouble finding the signal for the satellite at 97 degrees. I called Mr. Kaplan back at Satellite Express, and he came out and showed me what I was doing wrong. After he re-installed the post and got it plumb, he found the signal within minutes. We are very satisfied with the system and have already recommended Satellite Express to a few friends."
—M. Quinn, Miami, FL

QuotationMy husband and I used Satellite Express to upgrade our DIRECTV system to HD. They also installed a new DIRECTV HD DVR. They were very professional and did a good job of showing us how to record our favorite programs. We are planning on buying a new flat-screen TV and will use Satellite Express to install it on the wall."
—Angela Moran, Miami, FL

QuotationWe were referred to Satellite Express by a friend of mine when my DirecTV satellite system said searching for signal. They fixed the problem quickly and showed us some features about the equipment that the original installer neglected to show us. They also programmed the DirecTV remote control to operate the TV and stereo. I highly recommend this company."
—N. Michaels, Miami, FL

QuotationWe first used Satellite Express to fix our Dish network satellite system. After seeing how they did business, we decided to buy an 8-camera security system with motion detector recording. Now I can view all the cameras in my yard from the office or while on vacation. They have a lot of experience with electronics and their support is excellent."
—J. Marty, Miami, FL

QuotationRod's attention to detail is great! On all the work that he has done for us, he treats it's like his very own house and always wants things perfect! Thanks for a GREAT home system. We love it all."
—Juan Castano, Miami, FL

QuotationWe recently used satellite Express to fix our DirecTV satellite system after the roofers smacked into it. They fixed the dish and got the signal back. They also sold us and installed a smart remote control for all of our equipment in the family room. They did a great job."
—K. Elridge, Miami, FL