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Same-Day Satellite TV Repair Services in Miami, FL

Don't let satellite signal loss disrupt your favorite TV shows. Many things can interfere with your dish and receiver system, from weather to competing signals. The experts at Satellite Express will repair your system in no time. We offer satellite TV repair services in Miami, FL, and have produced positive outcomes for homeowners and commercial clients since 1989. You can trust our skilled technicians in your home, and we'll handle any satellite configurations available, including DIRECTV, Dish Network, and Free-to-Air systems.

Streamline your setup with impeccable cable management. Operating from Kendall, FL, we cover regions spanning Fort Lauderdale to Key Largo, offering extended service areas that may involve travel surcharges.

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Call/Text: (305) 275-9696
Toll Free: (877) 363-6853

About Us

Satellite Express of Kendall, Florida, offers fast and reliable satellite TV system repairs. Our owner, Rod Kaplan, offers you an exceptional customer experience and we pride ourselves on delivering same day service. In addition to repairing all types of satellite systems, we handle DIRECTV and Dish Network installations. Our skilled team has provided unparalleled residential and commercial service since 1989 in the Greater Miami area and all the way from Fort Lauderdale to Key Largo. We've also worked for several major companies, and have provided satellite services for Bank of America, Macy's, Sears, and Federal Buildings in Fort Lauderdale and Miami.

A full List of Companies We've Done Work For

Satellite Express is the name to remember for satellite system sales, installation, and service. We also install and repair security cameras, flat-screen TVs, and home theater systems. Contact us today for quality repairs and installation services.


Services We Offer

  • Custom Installation on all Satellite Antenna Systems
  • Installation of Starlink Internet Satellite Systems
  • Local HD TV Antenna Installations
  • CCTV & Security Camera Installations & Repairs: Remote Internet Viewing on Smartphones and Tablets
  • Flat-Screen TV Installations
  • Home Theatre Installations
  • FTA Foreign Channels: FTA Installations & Repair
  • Computer Cable: Cat 5 & Cat 6 Computer Cable Installations
  • Cell Phone Booster Installations


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Monday–Saturday, 8 a.m.–6 p.m.
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Service Area
From Fort Lauderdale to Key Largo, Florida. Extended Service Areas Are Available, and May Include Travel Surcharges