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The Satellite Express Story

Satellite Express is a small, family-owned company that was established in 1989 to provide sales, installations, and service to all types of satellite television systems. We started out installing mainly C-KU Band satellite systems and local TV antennas for residential and commercial customers.

In 1994, our market expanded to DIRECTV and Dish Network satellite systems. We now service and install DIRECTV, Dish Network, and Free-to-Air, fixed and motorized satellite systems. We are also experts with high definition satellite services, DVR recorders, and TiVo.

We have also added home theater Installations to our list of services in 1994 to better serve our growing customer base. Many of our customers have added things like outdoor weatherproof stereo speakers, and we began carrying smart programmable remote controls for the home theater TVs, satellite receivers, and DVDs.

Our team of experts has installed several hundred flat-panel TVs to date, and the number is climbing. All wires are concealed in the wall for a neat, clean installation, and infrared extender equipment is used when electronics are stored in a cabinet behind closed doors.

Security camera installations are now a part of our business, added in 2000, to the growing number of services we offer. Many weatherproof, night vision camera systems with remote color Internet viewing have been installed in outdoor locations. These systems have motion detector recording capabilities, and all cameras can be viewed with an Internet connection, while you're at work or on vacation.

Satellite Express stands head and shoulders above the competition with our knowledge, quality work, and by placing emphasis on customer satisfaction. Once you are a Satellite Express customer, we want to keep you for life. By providing unparalleled service and expertise, you'll always have a go-to company for your home or office audio and video services.